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I'm Amilton Longo Paglia. I'm a 30-year-old product designer who loves to solve complex problems with design and technology.



2017 – Now

Director of Product & Design @ olist

Now I'm currently leading the Product & Design teams of olist, building solutions to empower the Brazilian commerce.

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2018 – Now

UX Teacher @ aldeia

This year I started teaching UX workshops for professionals who want to know more about that overall process of working with user experience on digital products.

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2011 – 2017

Co-founder & Lead Designer @ MATILHA

MATILHA is a digital product design studio that I've co-founded to work with companies as a one-stop-shop for everything from user research to building web and mobile apps. Leading projects at MATILHA was one of the most rewarding experiences I had because I was privileged to work with a lot of different business models, technologies, methodologies, and mediums. These are some selected work that I worked on that period:

#product-strategy #branding #research #user-interface #front-end

2012 – 2017

Co-founder & Lead Designer @ minestore

I co-founded minestore as a side project to solve the frustrations I’ve faced when creating an online store for my father’s company. All tools seemed too complicated to operate for someone with no previous experience in e-commerce and technology. So my goal was to remove all the complexity and focus only in what was needed to run someone’s first online store.

#product-strategy #research #user-interface #front-end


Product Designer @ Social Wave

Social Wave was born in 2016 with the goal of connecting music festivals and nightclubs with ambassadors and their friends. We built a solution that allows ambassadors to sell tickets and also connect with other people to attend these events together.

#product-strategy #user-interface #front-end


Product Designer @ Pipefy

Pipefy is one of the most powerful process management tools available in the market today. I led the first design when it was still on early stage. We worked side by side with the founders, conceiving the first MVP of the product that is now present in more than 120 countries.

#product-strategy #user-interface #front-end

2013 – 2015

Product Designer @ Configr

With Configr I went through an acceleration program of 21212, Brazil's biggest startup accelerator located in Rio de Janeiro. The whole process and learning that I've had from other companies who were on the same batch was really a turning point in my career.

#product-strategy #research #user-interface #front-end


Product Designer @ Insurance Software

Worked with one of the biggest Brazillian insurance companies to build a tool for creating insurance quotes for SMB's. The goal was to transform a very long and complicated process of quotation more productive and safe, making sure no progress would be lost during the data-heavy process.

#product-strategy #user-interface #front-end

2010 – 2011

Co-founder @ ContramĂŁo

My first attempt to create a design studio with a couple of friends. We were a multi-disciplinary studio, and I was responsible for the web design projects.

#branding #web-design

2009 – 2010

Designer @ Straub Design

Worked with branding and editorial design for a Brazilian design magazine called abcDesign. Learned a lot about how the process of designing and printing magazines.

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2008 – 2009

Designer @ Savannah

My first formal job as a Designer, while I still in college. At the time I was responsible mostly for web design and front-end of corporate websites.

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Only in Portuguese for now.

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